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At-home Blood Glucose Monitor

Glucopad Glucose Monitoring System is a compact, personal blood glucose testing device for home use. This system employs plasma equivalent methodology and quantitatively measures glucose concentration in capillary whole blood drawn from fingertips, palms, and forearms. This method provides results approximately 11% higher than whole blood equivalent tests, offering accurate and convenient self-monitoring for diabetes management.
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18mm x 51mm x 88mm


48g (with batteries)

Operating Environment

Temperature: 50 - 104°F Humidity: 10 - 90 % RH

Storage Temperature

39.2 - 86°F

Sample Size


Measurement Range

20 - 600 mg/dL

Measurement Time

5 seconds

Memory Capacity

300 test results (including date & time)

Battery Life

~1000 tests



Power Source

(2) 3.0V CR2032 lithium batteries

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