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Our Values
Integrity    ‧    Clarity    ‧    Accessibility

Our Mission

At Teco, we seek to improve human and animal health by manufacturing and supplying high quality in-vitro diagnostic products, available through our following lines: Urinalysis, Clinical Chemistry, Rapid Tests, and much more. We meet our customer’s needs with all applicable regulatory guidelines while also maintaining an effective quality management system. Effectiveness and suitability of Teco’s quality is reviewed within the framework established by Teco for monitoring measurable objectives according to pre-established criteria. Our mission is achieved by the consistent performance of our in-house team and global partners.


Our Story

Teco Diagnostics began in the basement of a Michigan home in 1988 with a clear vision to provide innovative and high quality products to customers looking for accessible solutions.  Now, with over thirty years experience in the IVD industry, we today operate out of a 40,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Anaheim, California. We ship to over 100 countries worldwide, ranging from everyday consumers to hospitals and governmental tenders. We offer services in manufacturing and production, as well as private labeling.

Our Vision

We believe awareness is key to systematically chart and enhance overall quality of life. As a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostic products, Teco is committed to designing and delivering high-quality goods with all regulatory guidelines, while also maintaining a high value and effective Quality Management System. We aim to support and improve health awareness.  

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