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Vet Urine Reagent Strips

Catalog #Product / MethodologyPackage Insert
VET-9VET 9 Urine Reagent StripsDownload
VET-10VET 10 Urine Reagent StripsDownload
VET-BUNVET BUN Whole Blood Test StripsDownload
VET-BHBVET BHB in Milk Test Strips
VET-MUNVET MUN in Milk Test StripsDownload


Catalog #Product / Methodology
TC-101Uritek 101 Urine Strip Reader
TC-720 PLUSUritek 720 PLUS Urine Strip Reader

Urine Controls

Catalog #Product / MethodologyPackaging
URC-60-1High Abnormal4x15 mL
URC-60-2Low Abnormal4x15 mL
URC-60-3Normal4x15 mL

Animal Health

At Teco Diagnostics we have taken our expertise as a worldwide supplier of reagent strips and developed several new products designed specifically for use in the diagnosis of animal health. Our Veterinary urine reagent strips utilize the same technology as our URS line, but detect values over different ranges that are more suitable for use in the veterinary field.

Vet Bottle

VET Bottle

Proactive Approach

Our Veterinary products allow animal owners to take a proactive approach to assessing animal health. These tests are designed to detect specific values in milk , whole blood or urine and can be used as indicators of infection and other disorders.

Rapid Results

Our veterinary urine reagent strips allow users to detect signs of urinary tract infections, kidney and liver disease, fat breakdown, diabetes, and more – all in two minutes or less

Easy to use

Just dip the strip in the sample, wait the appropriate time, and read. Teco’s urine reagent strips can be read manually with the included color charts or with our automated strip readers