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General Chemistry Reagents

Catalog #Product / MethodologyFormatPackagingTechnical FilePackage Insert
A502-480Albumin*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
A504-150Alk. Phosphatase, Kinetic LiquidL150 mLDownloadDownload
A504-400Alk. Phosphatase, Kinetic LiquidL400 mLDownloadDownload
A505-240Alk. Phosphatase, Kinetic P20 X 12 mLDownloadDownload
A505-400Alk. Phosphatase, Kinetic P8 X 50 mLDownloadDownload
A506-140Alk. Phosphatase, Color Endpoint*L140 TestsDownloadDownload
A524-150ALT (SGPT), Kinetic LiquidL150 mLDownloadDownload
A524-400ALT (SPGT), Kinetic LiquidL400 mLDownloadDownload
A525-240ALT (SGPT), KineticP20 X 12 mLDownloadDownload
A525-400ALT (SGPT), KineticP8 X 50 mLDownloadDownload
A526-120ALT (SGPT), Color Endpoint*L120 TestsDownloadDownload
A527-480ALT (SGPT) Single Liquid KineticL4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
A532-150Amylase, Single Liquid KineticL150 mLDownloadDownload
A533-60Amylase, KineticP10 X 6 mLDownloadDownload
A533-150Amylase, KineticL150 mLDownloadDownload
A559-150AST (SGOT) Kinetic LiquidL150 mLDownloadDownload
A559-400AST (SGOT) Kinetic LiquidL400 mLDownloadDownload
A560-240AST (SGOT) KineticP20 X 12 mLDownloadDownload
A560-400AST (SGOT) KineticP8 X 50 mLDownloadDownload
A561-120AST (SGOT) Color Endpoint*L120 TestsDownloadDownload
A562-480AST (SGOT) Single Liquid KineticL4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
A591-60Acid Phosphatase, KineticP10 X 6 mLDownloadDownload
B538-480Bilirubin Direct*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
B549-150BUN, Kinetic Liquid*L150 mLDownloadDownload
B550-240BUN, Kinetic*P20 X 12 mLDownloadDownload
B550-400BUN, Kinetic*P8 X 50 mLDownloadDownload
B551-66BUN, Urease, Color Endpoint*L66 TestsDownloadDownload
B551-132BUN, Urease, Color Endpoint*L132 TestsDownloadDownload
B554-480BUN Single Liquid Kinetic*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
B576-480Bilirubin Total*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
B577-480Bilirubin Direct and Total*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
B580-80Total Bile Acids, NBTL400 TestsDownloadDownload
C503-480Calcium*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
C504-125Calcium Arsenazo III*L125 mLDownloadDownload
C504-480Calcium Arsenazo III*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
C501-480Chloride*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
C507-30Cholesterol Liquid*L30 mLDownloadDownload
C507-200Cholesterol Liquid*L2 x 100 mLDownloadDownload
C507-480Cholesterol Liquid*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
C509-150Cholesterol*P10 X15 mLDownloadDownload
C509-400Cholesterol*P8 X 50 mLDownloadDownload
C509-1LCholesterol*P4 X 250 mLDownloadDownload
C511-60Cholinesterase, KineticP10 X 6 mLDownloadDownload
C512-60Creatine Kinase-NAC, KineticP10 X 6 mLDownloadDownload
C512-240Creatine Kinase-NAC, KineticP20 X 12 mLDownloadDownload
C513-480Creatinine, Color Endpoint*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
C514-480Creatinine, Kinetic*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
C515-480Creatinine, Direct Endpoint*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
C516-480Creatinine Single Liquid Kinetic*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
C519-150Creatine Kinase-NAC, Kinetic LiquidL150 mLDownloadDownload
C525-60Carbon Dioxide-340 nm*P10 X 6 mLDownloadDownload
C535-125Carbon Dioxide Single LiquidL5 X 25 mLDownloadDownload
C614-30CK-MB, KineticP10 X 3 mLDownloadDownload
C614-60CK-MB, KineticP10 X 6 mLDownloadDownload
G516-150Glucose Hexokinase, Liquid*L150 mLDownloadDownload
G518-150Glucose Hexokinase*P10 X 15 mLDownloadDownload
G518-400Glucose Hexokinase*P8 X 50 mLDownloadDownload
G519-250Glucose Oxidase Trinder*P5 X 250 mLDownloadDownload
G519-1LGlucose Oxidase Trinder*P4 X 250 mLDownloadDownload
G520-30Glucose Oxidase Liquid*L30 mLDownloadDownload
G520-480Glucose Oxidase Liquid*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
G521-480Glucose Hex. Single Liquid*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
G540-40Glycohemoglobin*L40 TestsDownloadDownload
G560-125HbA1C (Auto)L125 TestsDownloadDownload
G571-150γ-GT, Soluble, KineticP10 X 15 mLDownloadDownload
G571-400γ-GT, Soluble, KineticP8 X 50 mLDownloadDownload
G572-150γ-GT, Kinetic LiquidL150 mLDownloadDownload
G572-400γ-GT, Kinetic LiquidL400 mLDownloadDownload
G583-180G6PDHL180 mLDownload
H511-20HDL Cholesterol PEG*P1 X 20 mLDownloadDownload
H513-100Direct HDL CholesterolL100 TestsDownloadDownload
H526-480Hemoglobin*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
H526-6LHemoglobin*L6 X 1 LDownloadDownload
H620-60HBDH, KineticP10 X 6 mLDownloadDownload
H620-150HBDH, KineticP10 X 15 mLDownloadDownload
I515-480Inorganic Phosphorus Color*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
I516-480Inorganic Phosphorus UV*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
I592-100Iron & TIBC*L100 TestsDownloadDownload
I593-100Total Iron Liquid*L100 TestsDownloadDownload
L530-100Direct LDL CholesterolL100 TestsDownloadDownload
L533-150LDH-L Kinetic LiquidL150 mLDownloadDownload
L535-60LDH, Kinetic P10 X 6 mLDownloadDownload
L535-240LDH, Kinetic P20 X 12 mLDownloadDownload
L596-50Lactate LiquidL50 mlDownloadDownload
M527-100Magnesium*L100 mLDownloadDownload
M929-480Magnesium Xylidyl Blue*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
P605-50Potassium*L125 mLDownloadDownload
P615-480CSF/urine Protein*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
S600-50Sodium*L250 mLDownloadDownload
T526-480Total Lipid*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
T528-480Total Protein*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
T531-150Triglyceride, GPO-Trinder*P10 X 15 mLDownloadDownload
T531-400Triglyceride, GPO-Trinder*P8 X 50 mLDownloadDownload
T532-30Triglyceride, GPO-Trinder, Liquid*L30mLDownloadDownload
T532-250Triglyceride, GPO-Trinder, Liquid*L2 X 125 mLDownloadDownload
T532-480Triglyceride, GPO-Trinder, Liquid*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload
U580-240Uric Acid, Uricase Endpoint*P20 X 12 mLDownloadDownload
U580-400Uric Acid, Uricase Endpoint*P8 X 50 mLDownloadDownload
U582-250Uric Acid, Liquid*L2 X 125 mLDownloadDownload
U582-480Uric Acid, Liquid*L4 X 120 mLDownloadDownload

Bulk Liquid Reagents (For Export Only)

Catalog #Product / MethodologyPackagingTechnical File
A502-ACAlbumin Liquid30 LDownload
A504-AC/BCAlk. Phosphatase Kinetic Liquid R1/R25 L / 1 LDownload
A524-AC/BCALT Kinetic Liquid R1/R210 L / 2 LDownload
A532-AC/BCAmylase R1/R25 L / 1 LDownload
A559-AC/BCAST Kinetic Liquid R1/R210 L / 2 LDownload
B538-AC/BCDirect Bilirubin Reagent / Bilirubin Nitrite30 L / 2 LDownload
B549-AC/BCBUN Kinetic Liquid R1/R210 L / 2 LDownload
B576-ACTotal Bilirubin30 LDownload
C501-ACChloride30 LDownload
C503-AC/BCCalcium R1/R230 L / 30 LDownload
C507-ACCholesterol10 LDownload
C513-AC/BCCreatinine Color Reagent/ Buffer30 L / 30 LDownload
C514-AC/BCCreatinine Kinetic Liquid R1/R230 L / 30 LDownload
C519-AC/BCCreatine Kinase-NAC R1/R22.5 L / 0.5 LDownload
G516-AC/BCGlucose Hexokinase Liquid R1/R25 L / 1 LDownload
G520-ACGlucose Oxidase Liquid30 LDownload
G572-AC/BCγ-GT Kinetic Liquid R1/R210 L / 2 LDownload
H511-ACHDL Cholesterol (PEG) Liquid5 LDownload
H621-AC/BCHBDH Liquid R1/R22.5 L / 0.5 LDownload
HEM-ACHema Stain 130 LDownload
HEM-BCHema Stain 230 LDownload
HEM-CCHema Stain 330 LDownload
I516-ACInorganic Phosphorus UV30 LDownload
I592-AC/CCIron Buffer/ Iron Color Reagent30 L / 0.6 LDownload
L533-AC/BCLDH-L Liquid R1/R210 L / 2 LDownload
M527-AC/BCMagnesium Color Reagent / Buffer5 L / 0.5 LDownload
P605-ACPotassium25 LDownload
P615-ACCSF/Urine Protein30 LDownload
T528-ACTotal Protein30 LDownload
T532-ACTriglyceride10 LDownload
U582-ACUric Acid5 LDownload

Category #Product / MethodologyTechnical File
A504-ACP/BCPAlk. Phosphatase Liquid 1 & 2 Reagent PowderDownload
A524-ACP/BCPALT Liquid 1 & 2 Reagent PowderDownload
A527-ACPALT Single Liquid Reagent PowderDownload
A532-ACP/BCPAmylase Kinetic Liquid 1 & 2 Reagent PowderDownload
A559-ACP/BCPAST Kinetic Liquid 1 & 2 Reagent PowderDownload
A562-ACPAST Single Liquid Reagent PowderDownload
B549-ACP/BCPBUN Kinetic Liquid 1 & 2 Reagent PowderDownload
B554-ACPBUN Single Liquid Reagent PowderDownload
C507-ACPCholesterol Liquid Reagent PowderDownload
C519-ACP/BCPCK Kinetic Liquid 1 & 2 Reagent PowderDownload
G516-ACP/BCPGlucose Hex. Liquid 1 & 2 Reagent PowderDownload
G520-ACPGlucose Oxidase Liquid Reagent PowderDownload
G521-ACPGlucose Hex. Single Liquid Reagent PowderDownload
G572-ACP/BCPγ-GT Kinetic Liquid 1 & 2 Reagent PowderDownload
L533-ACP/BCPLDH-L Liquid 1 & 2 Reagent PowderDownload
T532-ACPTriglyceride Liquid Reagent PowderDownload
U582-ACPUric Acid Liquid Reagent PowderDownload

TC-Matrix Reagents

Category #Product / MethodologyPackagingTechnical FilePackage Insert
A504-780TMAlk. Phosphatase780DownloadDownload
B538-370TMDirect Bilirubin370DownloadDownload
B549-620TMBUN (Urea)620DownloadDownload
B576-380TMTotal Bilirubin380DownloadDownload
C504-800TMCalcium, Arsenazo III800DownloadDownload
C519-440TMCreatinine Kinase (CK)440DownloadDownload
C535-320TMCO2 Liquid320DownloadDownload
G516-870 TMGlucose Hexokinase870DownloadDownload
G520-940TMGlucose Oxidase940DownloadDownload
M929-800TMMagnesium Xylidyl Blue Method800DownloadDownload
P615-780TMCSF/Urine Protein780DownloadDownload
T528-1300TMTotal Protein1300DownloadDownload
U582-1170TMUric Acid1170DownloadDownload

Calibrators & Controls

Catalog #Product / MethodologyPackaging
TC-Cal-ITC Calibrator Level I Multi-Purpose Calibrator10 X 5 mL
TC-Cal-IITC Calibrator Level II Multi-Purpose Calibrator10 X 5 mL
TCTROL-NTC Level I Serum Control (Human)10 X 5 mL
TCTROL-ATC LevelI I Serum Control (Human)10 X 5 mL
C611-8CK-MB 2-Level Control4 X 2 mL
C612-12CK-MB 3-Level Control6 X 2 mL
G541-1Glycohemoglobin Normal Control1.0 mL
G542-1Glycohemoglobin Elevated Control1.0 mL
H514-ADirect HDL/LDL Calibrator3.0 mL
H515-A1Direct HDL/LDL Control Level 13.0 mL
H515-A2Direct HDL/LDL Control Level 23.0 mL
H527-4.5Hemoglobin Control Set3 X 1.5 mL


Category #Product / Methodology
TC-84TC-84 Chemistry Analyzer
TC-84AExternal Flow Cell
TC-3300TC-3300 Chemistry Analyzer
TC-3000BTC-3300 Heating Block
TC-MatrixTC-Matrix Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Bulk Liquid Reagents

For bulk liquid reagents*, Teco Diagnostics offers several varieties of liquid powder that have the same shelf life as our normal liquid reagents once reconstituted. Our AC/BC reagents include all components needed to easily make the liquid reagents. Step-by-step instructions make mixing and preparing the reagents simple and effortless. For added convenience, Teco also offers ACP liquid powder reagents. These reagents come ready-to-use and can be reconstituted in whatever amount needed. Since they contain just one homogeneous powder, ACP reagents can be purchased in any amount.

*Currently for export only

Your Choice

Teco Diagnostics is proud to manufacture a complete line of clinical chemistry products. We offer over 75 clinical chemistry reagent kits, providing customers an abundance of options in terms of format (powder or ready- to-use liquid), testing method (such as Kinetic or Colorimetric Endpoint), as well as packaging size. We also provide the option of purchasing our reagents in Teco Diagnostic, Generic, or OEM Packaging. Our full line of General Clinical Chemistry Reagent Kits are compatible with both manual and automated chemistry analyzers.